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Freedom in Christ

'Betel has recently purchased a property in Motherwell, Scotland. They want to develop a centre where men and women can find freedom from addiction. Listen to the story of David who is heading up this project:


'Being brought up in a single parent family, I found my identity in gangs and fighting which was my way of life and I was arrested for attempted murder. Believing I was going to prison, I gave up all hope and started taking heroin. I was found not guilty but by then I was hopelessly addicted to drugs. I lost everyone and everything I cared about. One day I picked up a bible and started reading it. I prayed a simple prayer: 'God, if you are real...I need out of this.' And to my surprise, He answered me. Almost immediately a friend told me of a place called Betel in Birmingham. I thought my problem was drug addiction but son found it was actually the wounds in my heart. In my first months in Betel Jesus gradually healed me, called me to surrender all to Him and eventually put me in a position of leadership. Now I believe he is calling me to pioneer a new Betel centre in Scotland. Drugs and alcohol have taken the lives of many of my fellow Scots, and Christ came to bring freedom. That message, I'm taking to my homeland.'


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