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Cambodia – responding to the gospel

The first Christian missionaries arrived in Cambodia in 1923. At first there was little response, but their 40-year work laid a foundation for an amazing move of the Holy Spirit in the early 1970s, when thousands turned to Christ. 

The genocide of the Khmer Rouge (1975-79) was devastating, but some Christians lived through it, while others formed groups in refugee camps on the Thai border or settled abroad.

Since 1990, Christians have been allowed to worship openly. In 1995, many Christian groups came together and registered with the government. In recent years, non-governmental organisations, many of which are Christian, have run a range of projects to help alleviate poverty and restore a nation still traumatised by memories of the Khmer Rouge.

WEC expressed concern for Cambodia as long ago as the 1960s, but it was only in 1992 that WEC’s vision to serve Cambodia was finally brought to birth. Initially four workers were sent to address community health needs. In 1995, WEC began a small work with children and by 2000, the team had grown to sixteen members, ministering primarily to vulnerable children and youth.

Cambodia has seen great suffering in the past, but many people are responding to the Gospel and experiencing healing in the name of Jesus. The Cambodian Church is growing and its work is becoming very fruitful.

Kong’s testimony is just one example of God’s healing work in Cambodia:

‘I was rebellious towards my parents, gossiping and gambling with friends. I had no direction, purpose or hope for the future. My cousin brought me to Phnom Penh to learn some skills. Here I was living at a church with other ladies, but I did not feel like going to church. In January 2013, I had a very bad road accident which almost took my life. My leg and face were badly injured. I cried out, "Is there a God who can help me?" Many people prayed for me. Some could not believe how beautifully and quickly my wounds healed, leaving hardly any scars. I knew this came from God. My faith began to grow stronger and I trusted in Him. I now believe in Jesus and have been baptized.’

Please pray for Cambodia and for other nations where the Church is small, but growing. Want to know more? Contact your nearest WEC recruitment office for more information. 


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