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God is working among women

It is quite common to attend the weekly meeting with 15 to 20 local male believers, with, maybe, one or two ladies present. It’s a fact that it’s so much harder for women to break through the cultural, social and religious expectations which heavily weigh upon them and take on a new faith. 

Our team ladies have been meeting regularly over the past year to pray about this and to encourage one another in outreach to our friends and neighbours. When we learned that three ladies from the UK with a specific prayer ministry to women wanted to visit us, we were all for it! We planned, we prepared, and we prayed. Finally the ladies arrived. All of us were full of expectation that the Lord was going to do a special work among women.
During their two week visit, many local women were visited and others came to visit us. All came specifically with the intention of being prayed for. A special highlight was the week-end when we had an ‘open house’ for our local friends. They were invited to visit, to enjoy tea or coffee, to do some craft, and if they wished they could receive prayer. Some were believers, other were not. Our three praying friends worked non-stop for two days. We were all so encouraged to see such a desire for prayer and an openness for spiritual truth.
One lady, who isn’t a believer, said two days later, ‘I am so thankful for what happened. The pain in my shoulder is gone. It was so good to talk. That night I felt as if a heavy burden had fallen off my shoulders.’ She asked for a New Testament and the Psalms.

Another lady excitedly shared what God had done for her. ‘My husband doesn’t understand what is going on. The evening before these ladies came to my house I asked him to kill me because my stomach pain was so excruciating. Now I am pain-free and I can enjoy whatever I want!’

These outward changes are a proof to us that much more has happened and is still happening in the hearts and souls of these ladies. They not only received prayer for physical healing but also that God would meet their spiritual needs. The coming days and weeks will be important as we follow them up and continue to encourage them to pursue the path of truth. 

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