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Feeding hungry hearts

Feeding Hungry Hearts

Stephen and Catherine are part of the WEC team in DR Congo, but are currently seconded to work in Burundi. Stephen tells us about the wonderful opportunities they are having.
It's always a real privilege to be asked to teach elsewhere, and I joined two local friends, Peniel and Lambert, for a two-day trip to a hill near Gitega. Peniel, who works
with a local organisation called Blessed To Be A Blessing, is working on an agricultural project with the community, but he really wanted to give some more spiritual input.


 Travelling in Africa can often be interesting, and although the roads in Burundi are, for the most part, a lot better than those muddy tracks in Congo, they can provide other challenges. Burundi is sometimes known as “The Land of 1001 Hills”, and the roads wind with blind bends and sheer drops. Negotiating one corner, Peniel was faced with a lorry heading straight towards us on our side of the road. He braked hard, avoided driving off the edge of the mountain but ended up with 2 wheels in the deep concrete drainage ditch. With no roadside assistance, what do you do? We tried pushing the car out of the ditch, but didn’t get very far.  However, within minutes pedestrians, passing cars, and even a lorry carrying a battalion of soldiers had all stopped to help us, and proceeded to lift the car out of the ditch and back onto the road again. No damage, and so off we headed!!

When we reached our destination, I had the opportunity to teach on how God values each and every one of us, and how we each have an essential role in God's plan for creation and humanity. At the end of the teaching, a pastor from Gitega gave an
opportunity for people to respond, and nearly every one of the 40 community members participating in the teaching came forward. He then asked those who had already given their lives to Christ to take a seat, and asked those who had never responded to Christ's
call to remain. We praise God that ten people gave their lives to Christ for the first time!

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