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Who has the most amazing testimony?

I work in a country in Central Asia.On my first day here, I asked the first local woman I drank tea with, “How did you meet Jesus?” She began, “Well, I first met Him in a dream…”
I had heard stories like that before-- in books. Not from the lips of someone sitting across from me. After that, whenever I met a believer, I was always eager to ask them that question. The stories always involved some work of God. They often made my jaw drop. “Wow!” I’d think, “I've never heard a story like that before!”

And eventually, some of them started to ask me how I had met Jesus. My story started with something more like, “Well, my parents read me stories about Him from picture Bibles every night since I was baby…”
And that made their jaws drop. “Wow!” they said. “We never heard a story like that before!”

The gospel reached their people group after the fall of the Soviet Union. They all were first-generation believers. Nobody had parents who knew Jesus. Nobody had grown up with picture Bibles.
One of my new friends told me, “We want you to come share your testimony with the children in our church. We want them to hear your story, because they are the first generation to grow up hearing about Jesus like you did. We want them to believe like you did.”
This made me realize some things.
If God saved you by doing the miracle of revealing Jesus to you in a dream, that’s amazing.
And if God revealed Jesus to you by doing the miracle of saving your parents, or even saving your grandparents, that’s amazing.
The fact that Jesus came so we could all be saved is just the biggest miracle of all.

Have you thanked God today for how you came to know Jesus? Don't you want others to have that joy too?
Come, join us in sharing the Good News in Central Asia!


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