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WEC International has always been a pioneer mission – sharing Jesus across cultural barriers where he’s least known.

Charles Thomas Studd (C.T. as he is usually known) was considered by many to be one of the best athletes of his day. After captaining the English cricket team he began his missionary career as part of the famous Cambridge Seven.  These seven Cambridge university graduates hit the headlines of Edwardian England as wealthy men who turned their backs on a privileged life, to go and preach Christ in inland China.

They became examples to thousands of students of choosing purpose over privilege.

After 21 years overseas, C.T. was back in England with such poor health that those who saw him described as ‘a museum of diseases’. Nevertheless, one night he saw a meeting advertised with the words ‘Cannibals want missionaries’. Intrigued, he went in, and was challenged by the need of people in the heart of Africa who had never had the opportunity to hear about the Lord Jesus. With no organisation, no money and no support, not even initially from his wife, C.T. Studd sailed alone for Africa in 1910.

Upon arrival in central Africa, C.T. would remount his bicycle whenever he discovered missionaries and press on to find those villages which had never heard of Jesus. Finally after seeing the needs deep in the Congo, he returned to England to launch the new mission. In the meantime however God had spoken to C.T. Studd as he journeyed into Africa’s interior:

“This journey is not for the heart of Africa only, but for the whole unevangelised world.”
As a result, what began as the Heart of Africa Mission became, in time, Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ – now a global fellowship of around 1800 workers under the umbrella of WEC International.

"If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for him."

This was C. T. Studd’s answer to the many who said he was too old, sick and crazy to pioneer such a mission—and it continues to be WEC’s motto today. C.T Studd is still inspiring this generation of Christians.


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