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WEC's Three Objectives

1) Proclaim the gospel by word and deed, so that people come to a living faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and become his disciples.
Proclaiming the Gospel is sharing the best news ever heard with those who have never had the opportunity to hear it until now. And it is planting churches among the unreached that will reflect their cultures.

What will it take to see people come to Christ and then become a community of His people where they are? What will a Christian community look like in that context? How can we nurture the development of a church that truly belongs in this new setting?

These are the questions that stimulate and stir us as we wonder what it’s going to take to see a church planted HERE…wherever HERE happens to be. In dependence upon God we pray, we plan and we work with this vision ever before us. That is what we’re about, that is what we want to see.

2) Gather believers around Christ, establishing churches in the Word of God so that they make disciples in their communities and beyond.

Making disciples is about gathering believers together as we learn to obey all that Jesus has taught us. A church is a local community where people support each other as they learn and grow together. In the words of theologian Chris Wright, ‘ It’s no good just bringing people to conversion and leaving it at that. The seed needs deep soil and good roots in order to bear fruit. Churches need not only to be planted through evangelism, but also watered through teaching’

3) Mobilise for missions, recruit, train, send and care for workers in fellowship with the wider Church.
Mobilizing for Missions is raising awareness among God’s people of the need to complete the Great Commission and equipping new workers whom God is calling to go to the unreached.
We take our mobilising role very seriously. Many of those with least access to the gospel are the world’s poorest, most resistant or forgotten peoples. Sadly only a tiny percentage of the church’s resources and personnel focus on these peoples. Consequently many of our teams are crying out for extra support and fresh recruits. WEC seeks to redress this imbalance, by mobilising people, churches and resources from every culture we are working in, to serve the least and the last, first! We believe that the Great Commission means that the Whole Church is called to reach the Whole World!


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