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WEC in Asia

Asia has developed rapidly over the last two decades, with huge political and economic development, along with rapid church growth.

All kinds of opportunities are opening up as ASEAN develops and Asia continues to change. God is clearly at work and WEC seeks to be in step with him, seeing the nations of Asia reflecting God’s glory, his kingdom impacting each nation, and disciples of Jesus making more disciples. WEC’s diverse ministry in Asia includes missional business, education, English teaching, medical care and development work.

Note: Not all the countries where WEC works in this area can be identified for security reasons. This also applies to some WEC minitries in countires mentioned. Contact your nearest WEC branch office if you have an interest in this region.

Cambodia – responding to the gospel

The first Christian missionaries arrived in Cambodia in 1923. At first there was little response, but their 40-year work laid a foundation for an amazing move of the Holy Spirit in the early 1970s, when thousands turned to Christ. 

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WEC International is committed to seeing disciples being made and churches being...

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WEC in Cambodia is involved in various NGO projects, serving local communities, giving training and...

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