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WEC in Europe

Europe offers unique opportunities and challenges for mission.

Christianity is in decline in this region and the arrival of people from different nations provides a new context to reach the unreached. WEC aims to respond to these opportunities and challenges, and to mobilise Europeans to go to new cultures and join our teams around the world.

Reaching the Basque Heart

Fiercely independent, proud of their identity and with a distinctive culture – the Basque are a unique and fascinating people. Juan Arvelo tells us about what is being done to reach them with the good news.

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Freedom in Christ

'Betel has recently purchased a property in Motherwell, Scotland. They want to develop a centre where men and women can find freedom from addiction. Listen to the story of David who is heading up this project:


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Pray With Us

International Communication Coordinator
WEC International is committed to seeing disciples being made and churches being...

Read More recently published an article called '10 conflicts to watch in 2017'. There is no...

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WEC in Cambodia is involved in various NGO projects, serving local communities, giving training and...

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